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Bermet, Kyrgyzstan: “We became a large Central Asian family in these 10 days”

The project will last for three years. I hope we will have the same participants by the end of the project.

Bermet Ulanova, Bishkek — a journalist of Kaktus.media news agency

The School of Analytical Journalism of CABAR.asia came to an end. It was a great success that we were selected among a large number of applicants for the programme.

It would be possible to master the theoretical part of the programme independently, but it would be impossible to establish contacts with almost thirty journalists from different locations of Central Asia without the well-organised coordination of IWPR.

For more details about the School of Analytic Journalism of CABAR.asia please see press release

An opportunity to take a break from work and listen to my colleagues has pushed me to new targets and exploration of new topics. I was inspired by the fact that it was not only me who saw the problems in our society and in the country; we found new topics in common.

Also, strong ties between the Central Asian journalists will help to establish foreign political relations. It’s essential and useful to get first-hand information during conflict or disputable situations, which often take place in border areas.

[su_quote]We became a large Central Asian family in these ten days. Every journalist contributed something special to the School. Now I know who can provide information to me, who can write a joint article together with me, and who I can talk to. I learned many new things about neighbouring countries, their residents, traditions and culture.[/su_quote]

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