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Nailia, Kazakstan: “Participation in the School is a great opportunity to become a part of the community of young analysts of CA”

After meeting and making friends with the guys, I can say for sure – it’s not over for us, but on the contrary we have everything ahead.

When I first saw the announcement about the selection of participants to the school of young analysts of Central Asia, I realised that it was exactly what I needed because, first of all, the school was intended to provide and improve knowledge of analysts. Secondly, participation in the school is a great opportunity to become a part of the community of young analysts in our region.

Looking ahead, I can say with confidence – my expectations were met. Both the organisational and the substantive part of the school were the best. Organisers worked as one smooth mechanism. Thanks to the IWPR team, we enjoyed a comfortable atmosphere during school.

Trainers and lecturers were true professionals. Each of the trainers became close to us in seven days. Beautiful Lola, an IWPR Tajikistan Programme Manager, was the soul of our school, who managed to get on the right side of everyone and be on the same wavelength with us. Wise Parviz aga, an independent expert from Tajikistan, was always ready to share his professional advice and recommendations.

I would especially like to emphasise our trainer, Nargiza Muratalieva, the editor-in-chief of CABAR.asia, who was very attentive and responsible when working with her students: starting with specifying a topic of a future analytical article and ending with a selection of recommendations. The structure of my article was fully developed thanks to the consultations with the editor-in-chief of CABAR.asia. Now I see what the material will look like. And this is extremely important in our work.

Each of the lecturers was unique.

We had the opportunity to become familiar with the peculiarities of the work of think-tanks in Central Asia, Russia, Europe and the USA.

I was impressed by Kairat Moldashev, Kahramon Bakozoda and Savia Hasanova. While Kairat Moldashev helped us systematise our theoretical knowledge about the methods of collecting and analysing information (some of them were new to us), Kahramon and Savia helped us master and strengthen our practical skills in data collection and processing.

And, of course, the heroes of this seven-day analytic marathon were the participants of the school. They were all so different and had different scientific interests. However, everyone had their identity, sharp mind, many-sidedness, purposefulness. And, the most important thing was their personal involvement in processes and events taking place in our region. Noah Tucker, one of our trainers, noted that “if you see that your horizon is not expanding, and you think that you have nothing to learn, then you need to leave the room and look for a new, more spacious one.” So I never wanted to leave the company of these young guys. Also the elder generation of experts noted that Central Asian analytics is a vast space, which needs qualified staff.

After meeting and making friends with the guys, I can say for sure – it’s not over for us, but on the contrary we have everything ahead. Give them a little more time and they will be able to lead the whole team of young analysts.

The bonus of the school was its cultural programme. On the last day, we visited the Supara-Chunkurchak ethnic complex. There we were able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains and breathe some fresh air. The yoga trainer Inna revealed to us the secrets of how to relax, come into a state of harmony and become energetic. After that, a rich table was laid for us, followed by our informal communication and games (which also revealed the analytical skills of the guys).

After having a rest and relaxing, we left for our countries. But … this is not the end. We are planning to cooperate with each other for the next three years and we’ll keep our live communication, friendship and joint work. We are properly motivated and now the most important thing is to create the quality and useful material. So let’s move forward to our new shared success!

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