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Roza, Kyrgyzstan: “Now I am confident that I will be able to realise my potential in analytic journalism”

The intensive programme justified all of our expectations and will certainly affect our common goal to become useful, successful analyst of relevant issues in Central Asia.

The School of Young Analysts of CA organised by the Institute for War & Peace Reporting (IWPR) and OSCE Academy in Bishkek from July 9 to 15, 2018, will remain an unforgettable and fundamental experience of writing analytical publications for media.

“If I didn’t have enough analytical writing skills before and didn’t know how to publish analytical material, after school I became confident that I would be able to realise my potential in this sphere.”

The intensive programme let us acquire skills and knowledge that are most necessary for analysts. The school involved highly qualified specialists and experts from Central Asia, Russia and USA to improve and strengthen the potential of young people, investigating analysts of CA to write analytical publications for media.

Here I’d like to emphasise trainers/lecturers, for example, Kairat Moldashev, for his interesting lecture about the analytical article writing technique. Only a correctly chosen writing technique can result in a successful analytical material. Trainer, analyst Savia Hasanova taught us how to use visualisation tools and how to work with them. Finally, we understood that visualisation takes a certain place in analytics. A great trainer in data collection, Kahramon Bakozoda, made the training even more exciting as he made jokes during lectures. The Russian expert and journalist, Mikhail Korostikov, explained us in detail how to make an analytical article more interesting and readable.

Also, I’d like to note such supervisors of the school, professionals, as Parviz Mullodjanov, leading political analyst of Tajikistan, Nargiza Muratalieva, a political analyst and editor-in-chief of analytical website CABAR.asia (IWPR CA) in Kyrgyzstan, Lola Olimova, a journalist and programme manager of IWPR in Tajikistan, who helped us for seven days to write analytical articles for media. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them. They showed us not only their professionalism, but also their best qualities, amicability and availability. I’d also like to note the friendly atmosphere in the classroom during the training.

We all were different, with different views and beliefs, yet we had common interests, namely, to learn how to become useful analysts; to learn the principles and rules of conduct of an analyst; to master the skills of analytical processing of materials, etc. Moreover, participants shared their own experiences. For example, a young and creative investigator, Dilmurad Yusupov, from Uzbekistan shared his skills in data collection for a quality investigation technique using NVivo and showed us how to use the application. Participants from the region became so close to each other during these days that we didn’t want to leave.

“The seven-day summer school was the initial stage of the programme. At the initial stage, the school managed to create a totally new platform to train young specialists in analytics and to have them cooperate with each other.”

In the longer term, we expect the mentorship programme, quarterly expert meetings to discuss key events in the region, exchange programmes (2019, 2020) in leading analytical and investigation centres and institutes of Ukraine and Georgia, networking. After all, the intensive programme justified all of our expectations and will certainly affect our common goal to become useful, successful analyst of relevant issues in Central Asia.

I am grateful to all our organisers for the opportunity to become a useful and successful analyst!

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