Final works of participants of the workshop on documentary creation


«Spaceless», 15 min.
A film about how the pandemic affects the activities of Centers for Children with Disabilities.
Creative team: Dina Turlieva, Zhibek Aralbek, Madina Serik
Supervisor: Botagoz Omarova
Mentor: Askold Kurov
«Vaccination», 16 min.
A film about attitude of people in Kazakhstan to the vaccination. Heroes share their own experience of immunization
Creative team: Zangar Omar, Botakoz Dandybaeva, Dzhohangir Kusmanov
Karina Kadyrbekova
Supervisor: Alisher Mishelev
Mentor: Askold Kurov
«The final journey», 12 min.
A film about the activities of the morgue during the pandemic with the comments of the pathologist about what fakes he most often encountered during his work.
Creative team: Ekaterina Chernushenko, Anuar Magzumov
Supervisor: Moldir Mukhit
Mentor: Askold Kurov
«Alliaceous imperator», 5 min.
A film about the fake associated with the use of garlic as a prevention of coronavirus. The protagonist talks about how, at the peak of the pandemic, he was able to make a profit by contributing to the spread of fakes through bloggers.
Creative team: Berik Seilbek, Anzhela Kim, Akbota Ibragimova
Supervisor: Indira Asanova
Mentor: Askold Kurov


«Oxygen», 17 min.
A film about an activity of call-centers and volunteers during pandemic
Creative team: Sanjar Alymjanov, Kasiet Samatbekova, Aliia Makeshova
Meerim Samieva
Supervisor: Adilet Karzhoev
Mentor: Askold Kurov
«The Heart of a Dog», 18 min.
A film about fakes associated with the use of dog meat. The heroes tell how during a pandemic people used dog meat and dog fat as a vaccine for prevention.
Creative team: Aigul Ablasanova, Medina Seyitkazieva, Aisuluu Murzakulova, Roza Amanbekova
Supervisor: Asel Juraeva
Mentor: Askold Kurov
«Chronicles of the last summer», 22 min.
Flashback on the peak of the pandemic in Kyrgyzstan. Stories about how the views on the Coronavirus and the fake information associated with it have changed.
Creative team: Bayel Omurbekov, Akylai Shabdan kyzy, Nargiza Korgoldoeva,
Gulnura Erkebaeva
Supervisor: Chyngyz Narynov
Mentor: Askold Kurov


«Risk group», 13 min.
A film about people with chronic diseases and their lifestyle during a pandemic.

Creative team: Nasiba Karimzoda, Malika Shukurova

Supervisor: Manuchehr Ruziev

Mentor: Askold Kurov

«Imported», 8 min.
A film about how the attitude towards citizens returning from abroad has changed in connection with the information that they are distributors of the Coronavirus.

Creative team: Farahnoz Nabieva, Mirkhamdam Irgashev, Shamshod Mirzoev, Mustafo Nurullaev, Ayubi Amina, Firuza Mirjumaeva

Supervisor: Ellina Kim

Mentor: Askold Kurov

«On the edge», 12 min.
A film about people in need and the activities of volunteer organizations during a pandemic.

Creative team: Anushervon Bekov (Shoimardonov), Nigora Kurbanova, Makhina Sharipova

Supervisor: Zoir Kuziev

Mentor: Askold Kurov

«One look at freedom», 23 min.
Print activities during the peak of the pandemic.

Creative team: Shahzoda Mirzoeva, Parvin Shonazarov, Karina Narzikulova, Navras Ramazanov

Supervisor: Kamelia Samoilenko

Mentor: Askold Kurov


«Usto (Master) Mansur», 5 min.
A film about pandemic affect to the tourism sector in Uzbekistan
Creative team: Farhod Abdujalilov, Fazliddin Boymatov, Mehribonu Niyazova
Mentor: Elyor Nematov

The films were made with the support of the IWPR Representation in Central Asia as part of the Development of New Media and Digital Journalism project. The project is implemented by the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) with financial support from the Government of the United Kingdom. The content, views, opinions, and interpretations expressed in the films belong to the author and may not coincide with the official position of IWPR and do not reflect the official position of the Government of the United Kingdom.

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