Alexander Amzin “How messengers work”

This guide is dedicated to the specifics of messengers’ work – it gives an understanding of the features of digital media consumption in messengers and an idea of ​​why the development of messengers is useful for news media and micro-influencers in journalism. The guide is unique in that it contains practical advice on working with instant messengers, describes their capabilities, functionality, and forecasts for the future.

The manual consists of the following chapters:

Features of the audience and media consumption in messengers
Restrictions on mobile consumption
Language and communication culture in messengers, types of messages by function
Liner, announcing block, channel guidance formats
Content planning
Groups, chats, community management. Channel 21 promotion
The future of content in messengers

Author: Alexander Amzin, independent media consultant, host of the @themedia telegram channel. Author of several books and training on journalism, in the past
lecturer in journalism at Moscow State University, publisher and product manager at The Bell, PR specialist at Yandex. Advised, Vedomosti, and many other Russian and foreign media outlets.


This guide was developed specifically for the Media School within the framework of the project “Development of new media and digital journalism in Central Asia”