Print Media School is now in the Pamirs! How did the caption video and new media training go?

On December 17, a 4-day training session for beginner bloggers started in Khorog. As a result, 10 videos on socially important issues were produced. Coaches of Media School conducted an intensive course for the bloggers, in which theory and practice courses were running parallel to each other. This approach helped the participants not only to learn the material, but also to cement it in practice.

Alima Shomamadova, the participant of the event will say it better than us:

“I would like to express my gratitude to all the coaches and the organizers of the training by School Cabar. During these four days, I have mastered the skills of filming, writing relevant texts for the videos, which I will now use. Thank you for your responsiveness and patience!”

It all started with an introductory session where editor and freelance journalist Timur Temirkhanov explained how information is created and consumed today, which new formats and platforms have appeared for content makers.

The hard but exciting day of theory was continued by the author of a popular social media project “+1” and the correspondent of ITRC “MIR” Farangez Shozedova. She explained why caption video is one of the most effective formats for covering social issues and how to build video storytelling.

The technical part of the module was conducted by Asia Plus’s videographer and journalist Viktoriya Petrova. After analyzing the successful cases, the students armed with smartphones started to create their own content. Each team had 2-3 students.

To experience the truly friendly atmosphere that prevailed during the creative process, read the review of another participant, Samira Kadam:

“We climbed to the top not as individuals, but as a team. Everyone helped each other during the filming process. If one of the groups finished editing their video, they immediately started helping other groups. Or they provided them with smartphones, computers and chargers. All in all, everyone did their best to help each other, like a real team.”

We are proud to share the first projects of our participants, who prepared caption videos in just 4 days, without any professional equipment or any journalistic experience.

One of the groups was able to capture a vivid story of Shohrukh – a mover who works at the local bazaar, who draws and writes poetry. Through his honest and hard work Shohrukh conquered the hearts of the people and became a local hero.


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There were many difficulties, the participants recall. Lack of experience, the heroes fearing the camera, tight deadlines. But it worked! The videos turned out to be emotional and were able to reveal local social issues.

Look at the story of a 55-year old saleswoman who has to be strong, trade on the street to pay the bills and look after her sick husband.


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The publication got 1,300 likes in one day, hundreds of people have shared the post, thus many people found out about the issue and the woman was already offered material and financial assistance.

One of the coaches at Media School, Farangez Shozedova, advises participants to do more test takes and find common mistakes in them together:

“The only thing that needs a little more time is extra practice before shooting. Reviewing the practice footages on a large screen will help the participants avoid mistakes during the main shooting.

To do that, you do not have to do it separately with coaches, you have to do it on a big screen. Practice has shown that this method is much more effective than “one-on-one” consultations and leads to the fact that fewer participants make mistakes during the real filming process.”

The guys managed to exceed our expectations – they shot twice as many videos as planned. Their involvement and enthusiasm have prompted us to conduct even more training sessions in Khorog.

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