Print Media School announces recruitment of trainers, supervisors and production studios

We invite experienced trainers, supervisors and production studios / creative teams to cooperate in creating a series of mini-documentaries about citizens’ attitudes towards fake news about the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are ready to share knowledge and experience with students of journalism departments of Central Asian universities and meet the requirements below, we are waiting for you in our team.

The application deadline is October 18, 23:59 (Dushanbe / Tashkent) / 23:59 (Bishkek, Almaty).

Selected candidates will be informed about this additionally by October 20, 2020.


For the team supervisor:

Work experience in journalism, cinema or related specialties at least 2 years;
Availability of a work profile (attach the link);
Motivation to take part in such a workshop (sports interest);
Organizational and communication skills; Ability and willingness to lead (teach, guide, motivate) a team of 3-4 students of journalism faculties and representatives of production studios.

The supervisor is expected to participate in preparatory trainings, organize the creative process and create a creative atmosphere; accompanying and helping the team in choosing a focus, topic and developing a plan, evenly distributing tasks between team members and involving them in work, adhering to international journalism standards and ethical norms. The supervisor is responsible for the final completion of the project and the delivery of the final product. Based on the results of the work performed, the supervisors are paid a fee.

Applicants for the position of team supervisors – can send a resume, cover letter and financial proposal with the obligatory indication of the desired position (“supervisor resume”) in the subject line to until October 18, 22:59 (Dushanbe / Tashkent) / 23:59 (Bishkek, Almaty).

For trainers

Expertise and experience in conducting trainings on these topics for at least 2 years;
Willingness and ability to adapt the training to an online format;
Knowledge of the basics of conflict and gender sensitivity;
Development of a module on this topic with an equal share of theoretical and practical parts (the approximate duration of the training is 2 days, 4 hours each);

Directions of trainings:

1) Fact-checking and combating disinformation;

2) Movie storytelling;

3) Fundamentals of documentary production

4) Film interview basics

5) Basics of installation (non-technical installation)

Applicants for the position of trainers – can send a resume, cover letter and financial proposal with the obligatory indication of the desired position (“trainer at ____________ (indicate direction”) in the subject line of the letter to by October 18, 22:59 (Dushanbe / Tashkent) / 23:59 (Bishkek, Almaty).

For production studios and / or creative teams:

Participation in this workshop will enable the production studio to:

  • expand expertise on fact-checking and countering disinformation;
  • “Refresh” knowledge of storytelling and artistic techniques for making documentaries;
  • upgrade your mentoring skills and replenish your portfolio.


  • Experience in the production of videos and films (at least a year, attach a profile);
  • Willingness to delegate at least 1 representative to participate in preparatory trainings on fact-checking and storytelling;
  • Willingness to work in a team and participate in the creative process – developing a theme and finalizing a script together with all team members – students of journalism faculties;
  • Willingness to accompany the entire production process from and to, and provide the necessary technical support at the stage of pre- and post-production;
  • Willingness to go on business trips within the country;
  • The presence of the editing table;
  • Basic filming equipment (camera, tripod).

The estimated timing of the film is up to 15 minutes, documentary filming, rental of additional equipment as needed and travel expenses are covered by the organizers, a budget for production services is provided.

Estimated terms:

October 5 – 18 – applications acceptance and selection;
October 26 – November 6 – preparatory trainings (participation of at least one representative at all sessions is mandatory);
November 6 – December 11 – production (together with students and team mentor);
December 14 – submission of documentaries.

Interested representatives of production studios can send a letter of interest (in any form) in participating in the workshop with links to the portfolio, to the e-mail address: with the obligatory indication of “production studio” in the subject line by October 18, 22:59 ( Dushanbe / Tashkent) / 23:59 (Bishkek, Almaty).


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