Ikbol Isakov: how to prepare a video for social networks?

According to YouTube statistics, the network downloads 300 hours of video per minute and views more than 5 billion videos every day. So, what can be done to ensure that your video is simply not lost in such a large stream of video?

We a going to discuss with you some practical tips on how to shoot video for a social network. Many factors can be the basis for such a decision.

Firstly, it is the theme of the video. How interesting can this topic/theme be to the audience? That is why it is important to know who you are making the video for before shooting it. Think carefully about the audience. Who will watch the video? What topics might be of interest to your audience? What can make them watch the video?

The video should not be too long. It is advisable make it as short as possible.


News agencies are currently releasing videos of around 1-minute length. Since videos that are more than a minute, are too long for the audience – they will not wait for the video to end. If we do not consider the small number of people who are interested in this topic, there is a big risk that others will not be interested in such a video, because long videos are heavier in megabytes. Internet traffic of the audience is limited. They do not want to use their megabytes just like that.


Pay particular attention to the background sound. It is very important that the video does not interfere with the echo or excessive extraneous sounds.

As for the video recording process.

Very important! Never shoot video vertically.

Hold your phone horizontally, not vertically!

Photo: engadget.com

Why? Because the TV in your house is horizontal, not vertical! You are in the cinema. The screen is also horizontal. Not vertical.

Hold the phone tight. It must not move. It is clear that the phone should not fall out of hands at all. Especially during live broadcasts. You probably do not want to see a poor-quality image taken by the phone, lying on its side, or falling out of your hands while watching a video?

If you decide to take the video shooting seriously, then buy a tripod for your phone. A tripod ensures that the phone will not move during shooting.

Do you have eyes behind? I do not have a single one.

Therefore, when creating a selfie video, make sure that everything is in place or there is nothing superfluous in it. You can get a very good video, but if the image shows your socks on the couch, luck is guaranteed, only from the negative side.

Your background should match the theme of the video. If you are shooting a video about physics, things in the background should be related to this topic. Not a political map of the world.

The same rules are applied while shooting someone else. Most importantly, do not forget to warn that you are filming this person!

The resulting video can be edited. That is, cutting excess moments from the video. Adding effects. You can record audio and add it to videos or photos.

There are many special programs for this. For example, Kinemaster, Vivavideo, InShot, Quik Video Eitor and others. All of them are used for one purpose.

You can find many video tutorials on how they work, how to change/edit a video.

At the same time, you need to be able to work with video in order to gather a large audience. I outlined some simple but important aspects that you need while producing videos that could be then uploaded to social networks.

Как монтировать видео на мобильном телефоне:


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