Religion coverage manual for journalists

The purpose of this manual is to improve the quality of journalistic materials for religion coverage, better understanding of the human rights principles, legislative regulation and a borderline between the freedom of speech and hate speech.

This manual consists of the following chapters:

  1. The religious right (by Dmitry Kabak). The first chapter gives an opportunity for deep understanding of every human’s religious rights.
  2. The legislative regulation of religious issues in the Kyrgyz Republic/Republic of Kazakhstan/Republic of Tajikistan (by Altynai Isaeva, Gulmira Birzhanova, and Shoira Davlatova). This chapter was included into the manual for better understanding of religion at the level and in interaction with the state.
  3. Practical recommendations for journalists (by Inga Sikorskaya). The third chapter is of importance as journalists are the direct source distribution of information.
  4. A glossary of terms used to cover religious issues.

The manual is available in four languages: Russian, Tajik, Kyrgyz and Kazakh.